How do you split the bill with your friends at a restaurant?

Sharing the bill at a restaurant can sometimes be tricky, but there are several ways to make it fair. Using an expense-sharing app can greatly simplify this process. Here’s one approach to sharing the restaurant bill with your friends using an app.

Ask for separate bills
When you order in a restaurant, ask the waiter if you can get separate bills. Many establishments are flexible about this, especially if it’s discussed at the outset.

Examine the individual bills
Once you have the separate invoices, examine them carefully. Make sure everyone has been charged correctly for the items they ordered.

Use an Expense Sharing Application like Sesterce
If separate invoices aren’t possible or if certain items have been shared (such as a bottle of wine), that’s where an expense sharing app comes in. Apps like Sesterce or Splitwise track individual expenses and automatically calculate everyone’s share.

Add expenses to the app
Take a photo of the bills and record the expenses in the app. Indicate who paid for each item and allocate them to the members concerned.

Set individual contributions
The application will automatically calculate individual contributions based on each person’s expenses. This avoids calculation errors and ensures that costs are distributed fairly.

Indicate who paid and how much
Who paid the bill? One person or several? And how much? An application like Sesterce allows you to enter this information and calculate everyone’s debts and credits accordingly.

Transfer money
Depending on the contributions calculated by the application, participants can make money transfers using Paypal or Venmo, for example, or simply in cash.

By using an expense sharing app like Sesterce, you simplify the process, reduce the risk of miscalculations and promote a good time for everyone. Remember, the key is to adopt a collaborative approach and respect everyone’s preferences!

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